User Agreement

About child charges 70% of the adult fee for the upper grades of elementary school 70% of the adult fee for the lower grades of elementary school 50% of the adult fee for infants (meals / futons) 2200 yen for infants (no meals / futons required) About meals Meal setting conditions may differ depending on the day. Please check again on the "Accommodation reservation application screen". Please be sure to contact us if check-in is past the scheduled time. Bath tax is required separately. (150 yen per person) "Infants (no meals or futons required)" can only be used by children under 3 years old. For children over 3 years old and under elementary school age, please enter the number of children in "Infant (with meal and futon)". Coronavirus countermeasures Change of restaurant service Considering customer safety, We will refrain from serving buffet-style meals and will provide them with a wagon service by the staff for the time being. Please be sure to contact the property if you are late as it may be treated as a cancellation after the check-in time. When using the navigation system, you may be guided to another location depending on the model. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please come toward "Imori Pond" near the hotel.